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The easiest way to create a website

How It Works

Step 1

Answer some easy questions and choose what your site should include.

Step 2

Upload images and insert the texts you want to display.

Step 3

Connect a domain name.

Step 4

You’re done and the site is live!

Why Pearcado?

No Code Or Design Skills Needed

Pearcado asks you questions and shows you options, all you have to do is answer and choose. Questions like “What’s the address to your shop, so people can find you?”.

You’ll Be Proud Of Your Website

A website created with Pearcado is SEO-friendly, fast, and responsive. Visitors and Search Robots will be happy with the easy-to-understand layout and great design.

Say Farewell To Plugins

Stop paying for plugins. Don't worry about about plugin updates or plugins not working together. You’re free to choose what features you want to include on your site, it's all included.

Custom Website Without The Hassle (or the price tag!)

We’ll take care of the design and the development of your website, and make sure it's up to date and running smoothly. You focus on running your business.

What You Get


We’ll host your site on our servers. They’re really fast!


We'll keep your site up to date.


Bot protection, traffic monitoring, SSL certificate, etc.

Rapid Media Delivery

Your content is cached, compressed, and optimized.


We make backups of our code and your content.

Support By Real People

Our entire team is hooked up to our support-system, so you’ll get the help you need ASAP.

What People Are Saying


Our pricing model is easy too! We charge 34 dollars per month for each domain name ( you hook up to Pearcado. And no worries, you can buy your domain anywhere.

34 per month


Pearcado is a platform an tool that enables you to easily create a website for your business or project (or maybe your family or something totally different?), without any coding knowledge or design frustrations.

Pearcado will ask you questions - you just need to answer them. Based on your answers Pearcado will assemble the sections of your website for you and then ask you for the content needed - like some short texts and maybe some images.

Is it a pear or an avocado? You get to decide! However, when working on a name for our product we couldn’t decide... So we used both!

Yeah, absolutely! We've done the hard work for you: We have a growing collection of website sections that you can select and arrange. Pearcado will ask for content based on your choices.

Sort of... We've prebuilt the sections your website will need - actually we've done it multiple times using different designs and layouts. You then select what you want to use, and Pearcado will assemble it for you and make sure you upload the information needed for the sections.

It's free to build websites using Pearcado - go ahead and play around! Once you hook your site up to your custom domain (for example "") the account will be charged $34 per month per domain name.

See Our FAQ Page For More