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Frequently Asked Questions

Pearcado is a platform an tool that enables you to easily create a website for your business or project (or maybe your family or something totally different?), without any coding knowledge or design frustrations.

Pearcado will ask you questions - you just need to answer them. Based on your answers Pearcado will assemble the sections of your website for you and then ask you for the content needed - like some short texts and maybe some images.

Is it a pear or an avocado? You get to decide! However, when working on a name for our product we couldn’t decide... So we used both!

Yeah, absolutely! We've done the hard work for you: We have a growing collection of website sections that you can select and arrange. Pearcado will ask for content based on your choices.

If the marketing department promised you cookies, let us know and we’ll send you some. If you mean those pesky popups on many websites: Pearcado does not set any cookies on your website visitor's browser. However, some sections that use third-party integrations (like a map on your contact section) might use cookies, so Pearcado will automatically implement a cookie warning as needed. You can also install your own cookie warning manually using the advanced settings.

Yeah, you can hook up your site with Google Analytics. Either by manually inserting their code using the advanced settings on your site, or by turning on the Analytics Feature (coming soon!).

Sort of... We've prebuilt the sections your website will need - actually we've done it multiple times using different designs and layouts. You then select what you want to use, and Pearcado will assemble it for you and make sure you upload the information needed for the sections.

If you purchased your domain name (for example: "") somewhere other than through Pearcado and hooked it to our service, then you own your domain name. If you signed up for the domain name through Pearcado, then we own it for you. If we own it for you, you’re free to transfer it somewhere else (within the rules for that particular TLD registrar). The HTML, CSS, and Javascript code that makes up your website is always owned and hosted by Pearcado and can not be transfered.

It's free to build websites using Pearcado - go ahead and play around! Once you hook your site up to your custom domain (for example "") the account will be charged $34 per month per domain name.

Pearcado doesn’t have a bunch of different plans and tiers to choose from. We charge for each domain that is connected to an account (one website will only need one domain). An account can own a bunch of websites without paying anything - these sites can be found at URLs like

Easy! We bill an account per domain that’s hooked to it. If you want to stop paying just remove the domain(s) from the account and we’ll stop billing for it. You can, of course, also shut down an entire account, if that's what you mean. That's done in the Account Settings.

Your site loads quickly because we've spent a lot of time ensuring it does... :) For example, your site does not include a bunch of code that you aren’t using - like many other page-builders and templates do. We also do a good job compressing your content and our code.

We're always working on new sections and features and whenever we release new ones they are immediately available to all Pearcado users. Reach out and let us know what you're looking for - we enjoy getting inspiration for upcoming features/sections and design ideas from our customers.

Your account will be charged $34 per custom domain name connected to it, regardless of if you purchased the domain name through Pearcado or not. You can remove a domain name from your Pearcado account if you stop using it, and we'll stop charging you for it. In other words, a domain name is included in our service if you want it to be. :)

A domain name is the address - the URL - your visitors use to access your website. For example, if your company name is “Photos By Clarissa” you might want to use the domain name "". Note that “" is just a sub-domain of "". At Pearcado we’ll make sure people get to your website wether they use the “www” or not.

It doesn’t matter where you purchase(d) your domain name - we’ll help you hook it up and point your site visitors to the site you’ve created on Pearcado. Note that Pearcado includes SSL in our service, so you do not need to pay for that with your domain registrar.

Hooking up your domain to Pearcado is really simple. The instructions differ depending on where you have bought your domain name, but they all do the same thing - make sure we display your website to whoever visits your domain. You can either change your nameservers to ours, or point your domain to us using CNAME targets. Almost all our clients change their nameservers to point to ours, but there are a couple of circumstances where that’s not possible, so we accommodate for both. If both “nameservers” and “CNAME” sound like things from a sci-fi movie, don’t worry! We’ve put together a guide with easy-to-follow steps (including images!) so you can get things set up. You’ll find a link to this guide in the settings-tab for your website. If we don’t have a guide specifically aimed at wherever you own your domains, please let us know and we’ll help you manually (and create a guide while helping you).

SSL gives a website an extra layer of security. It’s what adds the “s” just before the :// in the URL (example: ""). If you website does not use SSL your visitor’s browser will show a warning to your visitor. You don’t want that… So, any website you make using Pearcado will include SSL (yeah, it’s included in our ridiculously low monthly fee).

For most (almost all) use-cases we recommend pointing your DNS nameservers to Pearcado. This gives us the access needed to make sure your site is set up in the best way possible and facilitates any support you might need with the domain. Our standard setup of pointing your domain’s nameservers to Pearcado does NOT mean that you lose access to the DNS - you can still update your DNS. (This feature is soon to be available within the Pearcado platform, in the meantime you can just contact us and we’ll do it for you). There are, however, a couple of domain name registrars that do not allow you to change the nameservers for your domain. If that’s the case, or if you have another reason keeping you from changing the nameservers, you’ll need to point your domain to Pearcado using two CNAME targets instead - one for the root domain and one for the subdomain “www”.